Saturday, 2 May 2015


I read an article in Junes issue of Psychology Today about a new treatment being offered at Promises Treatment Centres. There are a number of these centres in the US. They specialise in treating a wide variety of addictions, such as alcoholism, cocaine addiction, prescription drug abuse and marijuana abuse. they also offer a wide variety of treatment options. their newest treatment option is called Wolf Therapy. From the article in Psychology Today “Wolf therapy is a hands on, highly impactful blend of experiential therapy and animal assisted therapy. Young adults at Promises have a unique opportunity to work and hike side by side with a wolf-dog - wolves that have been bred with various dog breeds as pets - to process the issues”.
The article goes onto explain how we as humans have a primal connection to the wolf “drawn together as allies”. Wolf therapy eases depression, anxiety and stress. All issues that are common in young adults in rehab and blinds their motivation to complete their treatment.
The biggest challenge faced by Promises is getting the young adults to engage with the program. They found that the wolves have a unique capacity for breaking down the defences of the adults. But where did the wolves come from?
Promises treatment centres have partnered with Wolf Connection. this is a non for profit wolf dog rescue and youth empowerment program.
This organisation has rescued these wolf dogs from certain death and brought them back from the brink. 

Beau belonged to a family that couldn’t manage him. After being tied to a tree with wire, he had every rib visible and an infected wound around his neck.

Shade was rescued from a family in Texas whose college-aged son thought it would be cool to keep a wolf dog in his dorm room on campus(which was needless to say was destroyed).

Ozzy came to wolf connection sick and malnourished having been abandoned in the harshest of ways. He was pushed out of a moving car onto the side of the road.

Maya was one of the first animals rescued and is the Alpha female. She came from another rescue centre that had closed down.


What this group are doing is rescuing not only one species but two. By using wolf dogs, Promises is rescuing the human species as well. How awesome is that?? 
You won’t be hearing about this story on the BBC. Only the negative stories of dogs and wolves get reported on primetime news.