Wednesday, 29 July 2015


5 Quick tips on Dog Training.

Teaching a recall. Don’t wait till your off lead walk is over before calling him back to you. Periodically call your dog back during the off-lead walk and put him back on the lead again for a few steps then let him off to run free. that way he won’t learn that when you call him the walk is over and its time to go home.

If using treats to reward your dog, remember to use a higher value treat than the one you give him on a day to day basis just for being a good companion. If your dog values the treat you give him when you reward him for doing something difficult the chances are he will repeat that behaviour to see if he gets the same high value treat again.

If your dog reacts to the brush when grooming, hold a carrot or raw hide chew in one hand and let him chew on it whilst you run the brush over him with your other hand. That way you distract him from the brush and give him a pleasant association every time you brush him.

Use dinner time to reinforce those difficult to master behaviours like ‘down’, ‘stay’ or ‘come when called’. The dog’s dinner is the ultimate high value reward and he’s more likely to give you the behaviour in return for his dinner.

Mentally exercising your dog is just as important as physical exercise. If you feed your dog dry food and you have a private secure garden, then consider spreading your dogs dinner around the garden rather than feeding him from his bowl. You can turn it into a hide and seek game which will occupy him for up to half an hour and improve his digestion. In inclement weather you can spread it round the kitchen floor. He will take ages finding it to make sure he hasn’t missed any.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Ben my Black Labrador
Have you just got a new Puppy? Have you brought it into a home that already has an older dog?
Is it annoying the older dog?

There are many reasons why a puppy will annoy an older dog. Most of the time its innocent enough. Boredom and bonding mostly. However your older dog can still get stressed out by the unwanted attention. Some times this can lead to less than ideal times in the home. But we can help to correct this behaviour or even avoid it. We can teach our puppies how to interact with the older dog in the home.

Puppies get bored and if you leave them alone inside the house all day with nothing to do they can become Tasmanian devils of energy, tearing up the place. Lack of exercise is one of the main problems. By ensuring our puppies are regularly and well exercised we tire them out and therefore less likely to use up his energy annoying the other dog in the house. A couple of long walks a day or several hours out in the garden should tire your puppy out.
Boredom is another thing that will encourage your puppy to seek attention. Make sure there are plenty of puppy toys lying about. Try different toys, squeaky, rattling, moving. Try different things and then let him have his favourite. Keep him interested and he will be less interested in getting his play time with another dog.
Most people who buy a pup for the first time dont realise their puppies ability to learn. They tend to wait far too long before enrolling them in obedience classes or begin training them in obedience at home. Puppies can learn new behaviours like sit, down, stay and come from around 8 weeks old. You should begin your puppies training as soon as you get it home. Better still enrol them in a puppy class and start the socialisation period as well. Early socialisation is key to having a well balanced well mannered all round nice dog. By starting your training early you can teach your puppy self control and discipline. This will help in teaching your puppy boundaries like not annoying the older dog. 
Always make sure you don't alloy your puppy to annoy the older dog, give corrections like making him take a time out. Always give your older dog some where it can go to get away from the annoying puppy to relax and chill out.
Most of the time the annoying behaviour can be corrected with a little care and training. So get your puppy active, give it toys to play with, enrol in a training class and start its training right away.

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