Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Future of the Wolf

The 'Wolf' by L.David Mech.

"The Wolf is a strong, sensitive, intelligent animal with a complex social behaviour and lasting family ties. It has a tendency to travel long distances and to seek out vulnerable big game animals that it can kill and eat with enough safety and efficiency to maintain its species. All the while the wolf is subject to any number of stresses from its environment, and must constantly contend with forces tending to suppress its numbers. With minor variations in this mode of living, the wolf has survived and evolved for millions of years in a variety of habitats throughout most of the northern hemisphere.
But a new force has now suddenly arisen on the earth, a force that could quickly snuff out the unique flame of life that is the wolf's. This is the expansive force of the human population, with its aggressive tendency to occupy all of the planet in high densities and to overcome and destroy anything that might stand in its way. At present it is not evident whether this force will continue relentlessly or whether reason will prevail in time to check it and to prevent the destruction of all areas that still remain unpopulated.
Whenever modern man has populated new regions in the northern hemisphere, one of the first actions has been to wipe out the wolf. In place of the real animal man has substituted myths, tales and legends. These might help him rationalise his actions, but they also symbolise his artificiality of his own life as opposed to the original life in the area. Thus the persistence of the wolf in certain regions today is a sensitive indicator of the naturalness of those areas.
Many people now believe it is time to halt the destruction of the remaining natural wilderness. They feel it is healthy for humanity to preserve certain sections of the earth just they evolved. To those of us that share this view, the continued existence of the wolf in the future will be a measure of mans rationality."

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